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Köhlers Forsthaus, Aurich

Location & Routing


From Cologne/ Dusseldorf/ Oberhausen:
A 2 to "Kreuz Bottrop". Then take the A 31 toward Emden/ Ostfriesland. At "Dreieck Leer" take exit 6, Riepe. Turn right toward Aurich (app. 16. km).
From Dortmund/ Osnabrueck:
A 1 "Kreuz Oldenburg", take the A 28 Emden/ Leer. Exit Filsum/ Aurich. Turn right toward Aurich (app. 28 km).

From Hanover/ Bremen:
A 7 to "Dreieck Walsrode". From here take A 27 Bremen to "Kreuz Bremen". Then take the A 1 Oldenburg and continue as described for guests traveling from Dortmund. Once in Aurich, follow hotel signs.

Distance To Airport:
Bremen 120 km

Distance To Station:
Emden 25 km, Leer 35 km


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